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Latest projects

Some of the larger project references are:

Telefónica Móviles, Switzerland
For the set up of its 3G mobile operator, Telefónica required roaming and interconnection connectivity with operators in- and outside Switzerland. Arcador has planned and implemented the entire set of national and international roaming and interconnection facilities.

United Mobile, Switzerland
Founded as a low cost roaming provider United Mobile required initially a single-network MVNO including a managed call control capability for cost effective roaming call processing. Arcador developed the first facility-based roaming MVNO in Europe. In the next stage the MVNO has been extended with a United Mobile owned mobile core network and provisioning portal.

SIM4travel, UK
SIM4travel serves a large base of international customers. Supporting the transition from a mobile service provider to a true MVNE, Arcador has designed, built and implemented a multi-mobile operator MVNE. The solution includes OSS capabilities supporting SIM4travel’s front end provisioning and customer service functions. Arcador also manages the SIM4travel network operations and creates wholesale solutions for SIM4travel’s customers.

Sunrise, Switzerland
Sunrise had the requirement to optimise one of its key MVNO relations. Proposing a revised business scope, Arcador developed a re-design of the existing operations creating savings in operational effort and costs enabling a more focused market approach of the MVNO.

TE, Netherlands
This dynamic company required a roll-out of an entire MVNE facility for the Dutch market including the full portfolio of mobile services and service delivery capabilities. Arcador has executed the Design, Build and Implementation of a complete Hosted MVNE Solution. The solution interfaces with external BSS infrastructure and enables GSM-Wifi integration. Arcador also manages network operations and creates wholesale solutions for third party customers.